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Thursday, August 18th, 2016
Campbell Valley Regional Park

On a very hot Thursday afternoon, Sources volunteers and staff gathered under shade and colored lanterns to celebrate the culture of volunteerism at Sources.  

Sources volunteers are so dedicated that at each step along the path to planning this event, organizers were asked by volunteers how they could help! We drew the line at BBQ-ing – our barbequers extraordinaire would not be outdone!

With over 60 volunteers in attendance, we shared our stories, laughed at our follies and dared each other to sing a solo at the mic.

The wind was magical under the shelter of the Old Orchard picnic site keeping us cool and smiling.

Congratulations to all Sources volunteers for serving the Sources community with high standards of care and integrity. It is an honour to work by your side every day and learn from your experiences.  Cheers to you all!!!