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Professional Trauma Counselling Services

The counselling process can help transform our losses into new values, beliefs, and goals. Our past does not have to be our future. We can create new beginnings and meaning in life. 

Through our services, we will join with you to move towards greater self-knowledge, confidence, and healing.

Our program provides free individual and group counselling for women who have experienced sexual assault, childhood trauma, and/or intimate partner abuse. We acknowledge that abuse can be emotional, mental, physical, sexual, and /or spiritual.

We offer Short-Term, Long-Term and Group Counselling:

Short-Term Crisis Counselling

Women who have experienced a physical assault by an intimate partner or a sexual assault within the past six months are eligible for up to eight (8) sessions of immediate crisis counselling. We emphasize your safety planning and emotional stabilization through skill-building and emotional support.

Long-Term Counselling

Women often experience extended periods of depression, anxiety/panic, low self-esteem, and relational difficulties related to traumatic stress. We provide longer term one-to-one counselling for those who need more support to recover from the effects of traumatic stress. 

***Please note: There is usually a waiting list for this type of counselling service.

Group Counselling

We strongly encourage you to participate in our groups. Groups help to lessen feelings of shame and isolation. Women report that the group experience is an especially self-empowering one. 

We offer a variety of groups such as Anger, Boundaries and Communication (ABC), Assertiveness for Women, Self-Esteem, Emotional Eating, Moving Forward: Beyond Survival (childhood sexual abuse) and Understanding and Coping With Trauma Stress.  All our Trauma Counsellors have a Masters-level education, plus specialized training to work with women who have experienced abuse.  We can also create trauma-related educational presentations for laypersons and professionals.

We use a “three-phased” approach to trauma counselling:

Phase One:  Will help you establish safety, educate yourself about the psychology involved, and learn how to manage your trauma responses (e.g. feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to cope).

Phase Two:  Looks at your past experiences of personal trauma. It explores how that trauma has – and continues to - affect you.

Phase Three:  Involves addressing any remaining difficulties in your life, as well as working to fully connect in your relationships with others.

Our groups are offered at various times throughout the year.

For more information view our event calendar or call our intake worker at 604-536-9611, Ext. 1820

Understanding Coping with Trauma Stress

This is an informational group for women who have experienced childhood trauma, sexual assault, or relationship abuse.

Anger, Boundaries & Communication (ABC)

Level I

Learn the importance of setting boundaries and expressing your anger in a respectful, assertive manner. This will be done through mini-talks,

self-scored quizzes and rehearsing new skills.

Assertiveness Training for Women

Level II

Explore deeply held beliefs and other barriers that make assertive behaviour difficult to maintain.

Build on skills learned in Anger, Boundaries, and Communication. Learn new tools to deal with criticism and conflict.

Self-Esteem Group

Learn how to let go of impossible perfectionism, how you can practice self-care, how to assert your needs and maintain healthy.relationships

Moving Forward: Beyond Survival

You will have an opportunity to work through the impact of childhood sexual abuse. This is a therapy group and a screening session with the group's

facilitators is required to ensure that we can provide a good fit for all participants.

Emotional Eating

This group will focus on underlying emotional triggers. It will also examine new ways to help you create healthier eating patterns.

A Fresh Start: Polishing Your Coping Skills

Women who have experienced trauma often struggle with unhealthy coping skills. In this group, the focus is on developing healthier ways to deal with stress and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

This is an eight week psycho-educational group designed to help women in recovery from an eating disorder. This group will focus on learning alternative coping strategies for stress and anxiety, self-esteem and self-acceptance in a safe and supportive environment.

Reading for Resiliency

This is a book club designed to help women explore their own inner strengths and resiliency. Participants will read short stories, articles and poems and then be able to bring their observations, questions and learning to discuss at the weekly meetings.

When Love Hurts (This program will be presented in Punjabi)

A ten-week psycho-educational group designed to help women that have experienced relationship violence. Based on the book, "When Love Hurts: A Woman's Guide to Understanding Abuse in Relationships," written by Jill Cory and Karen McAndless-Davis. This group will focus on helping you feel less alone as well as learn from your own experiences and others, drawing on strengths and insights.