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Our Newton Resource Centre offers the following Programmes:

Sources Newton Resource Centre is a non-profit, charitable society committed to the empowerment of individuals and families through education, advocacy and the creation of supportive, community based networks. Through this empowerment, we can make a lasting difference in the quality of life for families and individuals in need. Our society serves thousands of families and individuals yearly.  We envision a society where people on a limited income are treated with dignity, respect and without prejudice. We encourage them to actively participate in their community. Our society strives to reflect the community we serve. If you have any ideas for programs, workshops, or events that would be of benefit, please contact us.

  • Sources Rent Bank: A short term funding source available to families and individuals who are at risk for home eviction due to lack of, or shortage of, a monthly rent payment, utility arrears, damage deposit or other circumstance.  In addition, we provide low income individuals with tools to better manage their limited financial resources.  Read more >>

  • Sources Advocacy Services: Programs including Homeless Prevention Program, Disability Support Advocacy Program, Poverty Law Program and more. Read more >>

  • Sources Positive Behaviour Services: This program provides behaviour consultation to families with children with other neuro-developmental disabilities such as: Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS; Fragile X Syndrome; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD); Rett Syndrome; Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and children and youth with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities.Read more >>

Sources Stories

Meet John, who was helped by the Housing First Program:

Fraser Focus - Homeless in Surrey (November 17, 2016)

Joytv videographer Leah Bolton attended Sources' 11th Annual Homelessness Awareness March in Newton:

Sources Homelessness Awareness Initiatives:  Real Life Stories

Adam Van Den Brink
Photo: Adam Van Den Brink addressing supporters at the Homelessness Awareness March, Oct. 17, 2014

For whatever reason a person becomes homeless, and there are many, it is an issue that needs addressing and understanding.  No matter what our attitude, behavior, current situation or moral grounding, we are much the same.  We are desperate, fallible and in need of assistance.  To illustrate the point, there is an interesting note; the peculiar thing about gravity is that it has no friends.  When we hit rock bottom it hurts, and it hurts us all equally.  Thankfully, there are resources available to us to help in our regeneration into self-respecting individuals.  However, in our pursuit to regain ourselves, there is also a price.  We all know what it feels like to ask for shelter, stand in line for a meal and have the ability for hygiene.  There is nothing finer than a hot shower and clean clothes.  Our personal dignity begins to reform. These gifts that we are given are so simple in design and yet so wondrous when we receive them.  

We must remember though, that it is our responsibility to show gratitude and respect to the selfless acts of others who willingly give of themselves to help the “WE” that are in need.  It is in this unity that we can overcome “Homelessness” and so much of our world’s greatest needs.

There is a tone of a “Never Ending Story” to which we may all agree.  To aid in our recovery, there are required steps forward. The need for relevant, well guided funding which enables both the donor and the recipient to continue and accelerate.  Certainly, without this caliber of substantial fiscal effort we cannot push forward to self-sustainability.  The downside of insufficient funding is a degradation of character and self-worth.  The upside is a demonstration of upright human character and a succession into dignity and grace.  In the greatest scheme of our relative environment, our world, can this really be too much to ask?

Thank you for the honor, opportunity and privilege to speak on our behalf!  Be self-assured, take the baby steps required, be self-confident, do your due diligence and together, give thanks and respect for the gifts we receive!

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