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Youth Services

Positive Behaviour Support Services - Lower Mainland

Sources Positive Behaviour Support Services in the lower mainland covers the areas from the North Shore to Abbotsford and other areas on an outreach basis. Our main office is located in Surrey. Our programming is based on the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis and Positive Behavioural Support. Applied Behavioural Analysis is a discipline devoted to the understanding and development of socially significant behaviour, and the improvement of target behaviour. Positive Behaviour Support is dynamic, problem-solving process involving goal identification, information gathering, hypothesis development, support plan design, implementation, and monitoring. As mentioned above, the Behaviour Consultant provides coaching, training and support to families regarding the use and measurement of behavioural methodology. The intervention plans are designed collaboratively with the families addressing the child’s strengths as well as areas of concern and sets realistic goals for the child and family. In the intervention plan the consultant considers the parent’s knowledge of the child, the family’s values, physical environment, family dynamics and the overall family vision.

Sources Access Services

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Positive Behaviour Support Services - Northern Region

Sources Positive Behaviour Support Services in Northern BC covers the top 2/3 of the province. The service area is from Quesnel, north to the Yukon boundary, and from Haida Gwaii east to the Alberta boundary. Our main office is located in Prince George. This office serves comminities from Quesnel to Houston, as well as out to Valemount. There is an outreach office in Terrace, which serves Haida Gwaii through to Smithers and Telkwa. Our other outreach office is located in Fort St. John, which serves Mackenzie through to Fort Nelson.
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B.A.S.I.C. Program

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Adult Services

Ladner Day Programs

Crossroads Program is a unique adult day service providing individualized day programs to adults based on their vocational skills, interests and abilities. Individual programs vary and may include job training, work experience, volunteerism, post-secondary studies, physical fitness training, recreation and community integration.

Ventures Program specializes in serving a individuals with a variety of behavioural, communicative and/or physical challenges. The highly trained staff closely support each adult client to break down their personal barriers that have prohibited them from successfully integrating into the community. Clients participate in a number of individually tailored activities that can be focused towards recreational, social, vocational, or health and fitness. Volunteerism and employment opportunities are also an option should the individual be willing to participate in the activity.

Residential Programs

Sources Residential Programs provide care year round, 24 hours a day for residents who have been referred to Sources through CLBC. There are homes located in Ladner, Surrey and White Rock, and these homes care for adults with developmental disabilities. Staff will assist each resident when an individual program plan has been developed, with specific objectives to attain set goals. Through person-centered positive behaviour support planning, individualized programs are developed for each resident in collaboration with family and others involved with the persons care. When able, individuals will participate in aspects of daily living, and general maintenance of the home. Some residents are involved with a variety of community activities.

Each individual has an individualized support plan to outline strengths, interests and needs.