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Positive Behaviour Intervention Services

What is Sources

Sources is a non-profit, multi-service organization. Sources is fully accredited by CAO (Council on Accreditation). Sources is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is entirely made up of a volunteer group of community members. Sources Community Resources Society provides community services to stand alone programs that operate out of 15 different locations in the Lower Mainland and Northern BC.

Sources uses Positive Behaviour Support in combination with Applied Behaviour Analysis. Positive Behaviour Support is a systematic and planned approach to preventing or reducing challenging behaviours and positively addresses socially significant behaviours to affect a better quality of life for your child. Applied behaviour analysis is a group of intervention strategies that are often used as a part of a Positive Behaviour Support approach to modify, prevent or teach skills. Together our approach uses a set of assessment based strategies that combine the science of behaviour; information about your child’s physical and mental health and person centered values.

Service Overview

  1. Intake: Families meet with the behaviour consultant where an Initial intake interview is conducted. The family will work with the consultant to identify goals, and family needs.
  2. Assessment: An In-depth assessment period where the child’s skills and abilities are recorded and problem behaviours are assessed. From this information, the behaviour consultant will have accurate and detailed information to develop a comprehensive learning program and support plan.
  3. Training in program implementation: Family and other team members will receive training from the behaviour consultant so that everyone can implement principles of ABA in their daily routines and reduce behaviours that are a barrier to learning.
  4. Weekly scheduled sessions: An interventionist will attend weekly sessions according to the family’s schedule. Families are encouraged to observe sessions, review program materials and engage in conversation with the interventionist/consultant
  5. Weekly supervision: The interventionist will have scheduled meetings with the behaviour consultant where the program is reviewed. The behaviour consultant will also observe sessions and ensure that high quality ABA is provided to the client
  6. Bi monthly check in with behaviour consultant: The family will touch base with the consultant with face to face, telephone, or Skype meetings. Concerns and overall family wellbeing will be discussed. The family will be guided in their ability to follow the support plan.


  • Research in the area of autism and skill development has shown that, for a child with autism, Applied Behaviour Analysis, with Discrete Trial Teaching, is the only method of teaching functional skills that has been shown to be consistently effective.
  • Good-quality ABA provides a team approach; Behaviour Interventionists and families work in collaboration with each other with support from a Behaviour Consultant

What Makes Sources Intervention Unique

  • High level of Supervision: Sources Behaviour Intervention provides high level of supervision to give families good quality intervention to teach skills and provide support.
  • ABA with Behaviour Support: Sources intervention uses a client specific program to systematically teach functional skills while managing behaviours that impact learning
  • Sources believes in holistic programing: Sources ABA program is a family based service. Interventionists work directly in the home and family members are taught to implement ABA in daily life.
  • Family Based Service: Sources ABA program is a family based service. Interventionists work directly in the home and family members are taught to implement ABA in daily life.
  • Holistic Programming: Sources encourages collaboration with professionals and team members to provide quality intervention in all environments.
  • All In One Costing: Sources Positive Behaviour Intervention Services charges one flat rate for Behaviour Intervention hours.  This flat rate includes: (1) Direct intervention service from the Behaviour Interventionist; (2) Behaviour Consultation and Behaviour Analyst program supervision.  This all in one costing structure means that you only pay for the direct Behaviour Intervention hours and you do not have to pay additional costs for behaviour consultation.

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