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Welcome To Our Youth Services Programmes

*all the following described programs require a referral from an MCFD Social Worker except for the FASD Key Worker*

Youth Justice Program

Provides intensive supervision and individualized one-to-one support to youth involved, or at risk of becoming involved, in the Youth Justice System. All referrals are from the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Our Youth Services Programmes & Centres: 

FASD Support Services

Provides support to families who have a child with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of FASD or other Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions.  Referrals are by MCFD, Fraser Health, other professionals, or by individuals.  Funding is through MCFD. Services provided in South Surrey and White Rock only.  Please use the adjacent contact information for further information. See the FASD page for referral and more detailed information.

Positive Behaviour Support Services

Sources Positive Behaviour Support Services offers positive, proactive behaviour support programs to children from the ages of 6 – 19 years with a diagnosis of Autism; Developmental Disability with Autistic Characteristics and/or Behavioural challenges; Asperger’s Syndrome; Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified; Fragile X Syndrome; Rett's Syndrome; Mucopolysaccharidoses; Tuberous Sclerosis; Phenylketonuria; Congenital Rubella Syndrome; Cornelia de Lange Syndrome; and FASD and adults with PDD and FASDa who do not have intellectual disabilities. We provide consultation, training, functional assessments. We design, monitor and evaluate individualized program plans that are specific to each child and their family. See the Positive Behaviour Support Services page for more detailed information.

Mental Health Child, Family, and Youth Services

Services are provided to children, youth and their families where the child or youth has or may have a mental health diagnosis and are experiencing challenges.  Services provided are outreach based and focused on increasing abilities.  These services are provided in Surrey and White Rock.  Some family therapy is also provided to support families with a child who may have a Mental Health diagnosis.  This service is provided in South Surrey and White Rock.  Referrals are through Child and Youth Mental Health only.

Family Connections Centre

Is designed to help families identify and implement more effective solutions to the problems created by ongoing conflict.  The residential component of the FCC program provides five beds for youth.  Continued support is offered through our After Care Services to families who have been discharged from the four month residential component.  We work with youth and their parents to recognize their strengths and identify areas fro growth.   Our child and youth care counsellors work with youth to provide skills in areas including, but not limited to communication, anger management, problem solving.  Parenting sessions are also provided to provide support to parents.  Therapeutic support is provided by a Master's level clinician.