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Sources YouTube PageDrug Prevention and Education Videos

The Sources Substance Use Services Program produces videos dealing with drug prevention and the affect addiction has on our community.

News Release

New Video Launch "Moments to Milestones: Engaging with People who use Substances"

On November 7, 2014, Fraser Health, in partnership with Sources Community Resource Centres, and through a financial contribution from Health Canada‚Äôs Drug Treatment Funding Program, launched Moments to Milestones: Engaging with People who use Substances. This is a 30-minute trailer video of compassion, respect and inclusion. The video highlights the potential for engagement that exists in moments of vulnerability when people who use substances encounter first responders.

Video Gallery at a Glance

KHARAAB DARU (Bad Medicine) is a Punjabi alcohol video with English subtitles. The video offers a creative and informative look at alcohol misuse in the Punjabi community residing in a North American context. Punjabi speaking professionals, along with individuals impacted by alcohol, share their knowledge with respect to the harms and risks associated with problem drinking, mistaking alcohol as medicine, how alcohol impairs mental and physical functioning, drinking and driving, addiction and family violence, and the benefits of recovery.

HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL provides a unique glimpse into the world of peer pressure, parties and alcohol and drug use in high school. Teens that used drugs tell their stories and resilient youth speak up about the value of managing stress and pursuing your passion!

COLD AS ICE by award-winning director Michael C. Neitzel is an educational video that provides a comprehensive snapshot of how methamphetamine impacts on the community. Mental Health experts, firefighters and police officers describe how this drug is related to serious psychosis, a variety of crimes and environmental contamination. Parents and addicts speak about their experiences and experts describe why this drug is toxic and dangerous. The relationship between HIV infection and crystal meth in the gay community is also addressed.

DEATH BY JIB: THE DANGERS OF CRYSTAL METH speaks directly to the hearts and minds of viewers to convey a powerful and emotional message warning teenagers and young adults about the harsh realities of Crystal Meth. This graphic video pulls no punches as teen addicts describe the horror of addiction to the Jib. The important message regarding sexual exploitation of youth on Crystal Meth is handled in a straightforward and honest manner. Content is appropriate for grades 7 and up and is applicable to any town and city across Canada and the United States.

How to order Videos

Videos can be purchased through the Intake Coordinator at 604-538-2522 ext. 227 or by emailing

Counselling & Addiction Videos

Moments to Milestones: Engaging with People who use Substances 

The Sources Addiction Services program produces videos dealing with drug prevention and the affect addiction has on our community.

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Senior Services Videos


CTV Making a Difference - Semiahmoo Seniors Planning Table at Sources

Almost 20% of all Lower Mainland seniors live in the Surrey/White Rock area. The United Way supporter, Semiahmoo Peninsula Seniors Planning Table.

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Employment Services Videos

Workplace Essential Skills Training

Workplace Essential Skills Training (WEST) is an innovative HR practice that is designed to provide focused-based training to employees. 

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