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David Young

Chief Executive Officer


David Young is Chief Executive Officer at SOURCES. David was born in Korbecke, Germany and arrived in Canada as an infant.  He has lived all over Canada, including New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.  David holds a BA from Trent University, majoring in English and Politics. About 10 years later and after working in Community and Social Services for a number of years, David completed a Bachelor of Social Work with a focus on Community Development.

After working at the Catholic Children’s Aid Society in Toronto, David moved to Golden, BC and began a career as a social worker with the Ministry of Human Resources.  As David’s career progressed he was involved in a variety of areas including Income Assistance, Child and Youth Mental Health, Youth Justice, Early Childhood Development, Community Living and Autism Services, Addictions Treatment, Public Health, Child Welfare, Family Services and Adoption. He later became the Director of Child & Family Services of BC as well as the Director of Adoption for BC and was appointed the Assistant Deputy Minister of Child & Family Services. After leaving the government, David became the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs in Ottawa. This opportunity allowed David to learn about and engage with community programs throughout Canada, leading him to SOURCES in 2008.

Believe it or not our CEO’s greatest passion is for the work he does here at SOURCES! David’s says that “it is difficult not be passionate about the kind of engagement our staff have in helping people find their way in life.” However, David does pursue a variety of passions. When he is not working David is reading, listening to music,  traveling, skiing, running and spending time with his 4 kids and grandkids.