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Howard Schein

Executive Director of Child, Family & Counseling Services


Howard Schein is the Director of Child, Family, and Counseling Services at SOURCES. Howard was born in Winnipeg and currently resides in Langley, BC. He holds a MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Prior to his graduate degree, Howard worked in a number of residential programs. After obtaining his graduate degree he worked in Family Counseling. Later, an opportunity arose to progress in to management and Howard took it. Howard has been with SOURCES for over 20 years and states that he was drawn towards SOURCES as he enjoyed non-profit work and feels that non-profits are less about bureaucracy and more about meeting the needs of the people we serve.

In Howard’s free time he enjoys traveling to warm climates (especially Hawaii) and being outdoors! BC has numerous leisurely outdoor activities that Howard enjoys taking part in, such as fishing, camping, and stand-up paddle boarding (a recent passion). He also loves music and is a bit of a political junkie.