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COVID-19: In general, our programs remain OPEN to provide direct and in-person, or modified (e.g. telephone, video conferencing) services to clients, with some exceptions. Before visiting, please phone, email or otherwise contact that SOURCES office or location in advance to confirm their availability and check their procedures. If possible, please make an appointment (drop-in visits are not recommended).

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BC Provincial Overdose Alert (July 17, 2020)

Increased Drug Toxicity Reported Across BC
(Both Stimulants & Down)

  • Severe overdoses related to smoking down and stimulants due to the rapid onset of effects
  • Record number of fatal and non-fatal overdoses through smoking and injecting drugs in May and June 2020
  • Recent increase of Carfentanyl and Benzodiazepines, including Etizolam in illicit drug supply


  1. Don’t use alone
    • Use at an Overdose Prevention Site, if you can. FIND AN OPS
    • Buddy up when using; ask someone to check on you.
  2. Get your drugs checked at an Overdose Prevention Site. FIND A SITE
  3. Carry a naloxone kit; know how to use it. FIND A SITE. Call ahead for hours.
  4. Talk to your doctor about prescription alternatives to the toxic drug supply. Click here for more info.

Check your Health Authority website for local alerts

For more information on ways to stay safe while using substances during COVID-19 please check the BCCDC website