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Sources Food Hub gleaning program back for third year

Sources Food Hub is back for a third year with its Community Harvest program, also known as gleaning. Gleaning is the harvesting of unwanted or leftover crops for charitable use. In urban areas, it often includes harvesting fruits from residential properties, such as cherries, plums, apples or pears.

“Our community harvest program is part of a larger effort to prevent good food from being wasted and redirect it to food banks and local community meals. Tree owners also stand to gain from healthier trees, better fruit, and bigger yields, so it’s a win-win,” said Denise Darrell, Executive Director of Community Services at SOURCES. “Food programs that work with vulnerable populations benefit by receiving an increase of fresh, nutritious foods.

Community members in Surrey and White Rock with fruit trees in their backyards and hobby farms can contact us at or 604-318-7426 for more information. Both tree owners and interested volunteers can register online now by clicking on “Community Harvest Program” on our Sources Food Hub webpage.

“Over the past three years, we have received calls from residents who aren’t able to harvest their own fruit, as well as people who just have more than they can use. We look forward to connecting with residents again this year.”


Fruit tree owners should contact us well in advance of their fruit coming ripe, as it takes about a week to organize a harvest. When SOURCES staff receive a request, they arrange a date with the tree owner, and then organize a team of vetted volunteers. Trained, and covered by the charity’s liability insurance, the volunteers bring all the necessary equipment to the residence and harvest the produce. The produce is then shared in thirds between the tree owner, the team of volunteers, and the Sources Food Banks or other local charity with a need.