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Our Services

Sources Behavioural Counselling Services provides an individualized and holistic model of support. We support your child and family, as your see best, with a focus on fostering communication, self-care, and resiliency!

Services are primarily provided to Neurodivergent children and youth but are open to anyone else requiring support with challenging behaviour or other needs (Anxiety, Social Skills, Self-Regulation, Toileting, Sleep, Etc). Services are provided primarily on Vancouver Island in Parksville and the surrounding areas.

This program also provides supervision and mentorship required by individuals seeking certification through the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB). All services are clinically supervised by board-certified behaviour analysts to ensure program integrity and safety and security of the people we serve.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Who is the BCS Program For?

    The BCS program is available for anyone who is needing support. There are no restrictions on age or diagnosis.

    This program is primarily accessed by Autistic Individuals for one-on-one or group support. The holistic nature of our support (we integrate positive behaviour supports with a trauma informed practice) makes it a nice fit for individuals struggling with anxiety, behavioural challenges, and caregiver empowerment and coaching.


    2) Where are the Services Available?

    The BCS. program provides services throughout Vancouver Island. If you are unsure whether the program is provided in your area, please feel free to contact our program manager at

    Supervision and mentorship services can be provided remotely to any location via internet-based video conferencing.


    3) What does the program provide?

    The BCS program provides a number of services that are based on the research and principles within the fields of Positive Behaviour Support and Applied Behaviour Analysis. Positive Behaviour Support emphasizes the use of positive strategies to teach new skills and behaviours. Applied Behaviour Analysis is based on decades of research and considered the most evidence based method of modifying behaviour and teaching new skills.

    All of the services provided by the B.A.S.I.C. program are clinically supervised by Board Certified Behaviour Analysts and all program staff are required to either maintain or be working toward one of the levels of certification through the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. Certification ensures: (a) a minimal high level of expertise of staff and quality of service; and (b) all staff follow the ethical code of a certification body that they are accountable to.

    Behaviour Analysis

    Behaviour Analysis services provide Functional Assessment and analysis of challenging behaviours. A Board Certified Behaviour Analyst will work with caregivers to assess and analyze the variables affecting challenging behaviour. The outcome of the analysis is an understanding of the behaviour that increases the behaviour’s predictability for caregivers and provides vital information to assist in the creation of an Intervention Plan or Positive Behaviour Support Plan.

    Behaviour Supervision

    Behaviour Supervision services provide the clinical supervision, by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, that is required by individuals seeking certification through the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. Supervision for individuals seeking the credential of Board Certified Behaviour Analyst is available to anyone. Supervision for individuals seeking the credential of Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst or Registered Behaviour Technician is available to staff working within the program.

    Behaviour Intervention

    Behaviour Intervention services provide one on one and group intervention to individual with Autism. The Behaviour Consultant and Assistant Consultant work with the caregivers, under the supervision of Board Certified Behaviour Analysts to develop an individualized intervention plan tailored to maximize the growth of each individual being served.

    Behaviour Interventionists then work directly with the individual to implement the Intervention Plan. All intervention is supervised and monitored on an ongoing bases by Board Certified Behaviour Analysts in order to maximize the quality and effectiveness of the services.

    Behaviour Consultation

    Behaviour Consultation services works with caregivers, in their homes to address challenging behaviour and promote skill development. This service involves active participation of caregivers in order to help the caregivers learn to manage challenging behaviour and teach new behaviours and skills. The Consultant and Assistant Consultant develop and teach caregivers to implement a Positive Behaviour Support Plan based on the results of a Behaviour Analysis. In some instances, a Behaviour Interventionist can work with families, in their home, on an ongoing basis in order to support the caregivers in implementing the plan.


    4) How Much Does the Program Cost?

    The services provided by the B.A.S.I.C. program are funded privately. Typically Intervention Services for children with Autism are paid for through the individual’s Autism Funding. Other services are typically paid for by the individuals receiving service or an alternative funding source. Please contact our Parksville Office for more information on program costs and funding options.


    5) What Makes the B.A.S.I.C. Program Different from Other Service Providers?

    All of the services provided by the B.A.S.I.C. program are directly supervised by Board Certified Behaviour Analysts. The program has one Board Certified Behaviour Analyst that works directly in the office, other Board Certified Behaviour Analysts that are on contract to work with the program, and several staff are actively pursuing certification through the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. In addition, the B.A.S.I.C. program’s intervention costs include the cost of program supervision by the Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, so after the initial assessment, there are no additional costs over and above the hourly intervention rate.


    6) How Do I Refer to the Program?

    Referrals for the B.A.S.I.C. program can be made by the individuals (or caregivers of the individuals) seeking service. Self-referrals are accepted. The referral form and any other required documentation can be sent directly to the Vancouver Island office.

Contact Information

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Hours of Operation

Note: Service hours are dependent on client needs.