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Our Services

The mandate of the Youth Services programs is to provide services to children, youth and their families who have been identified as having struggles with behavioral, social, emotional and/or mental health.

Family Connections Centre is a family reunification program that operates from Monday through Friday afternoons. This unique four-month residential-based program provides tools to rebuild relationships and create solutions for youth and families in conflict. While the youth is staying at the FCC residential program, the youth and caregiver have a productive break from each other.

The ages of youth served are generally between 12-18 years old who are experiencing intense conflict with their parents.

During the week, the youth engages in programming and therapy at the centre, the family attends family counselling together and the parents receive parent support to help them be part of the solution. The youth returns home on the weekends, where the family can practice the skills they have learned during the week and work on strengthening the family system.

When appropriate, there are additional opportunities for youth to have an outreach worker for some hours over the weekend, to foster healthy relationships, get involved in the community or work on any particular goals the youth may have. When the youth has completed the residential program, we also offer aftercare which continues with family counselling and parent support if needed.

All referrals and funding are from the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Contact Information

Please contact your local MCFD office to obtain further information regarding referrals to the Family Connections Centre.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday9:00 am – 4:00 pm