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LAUNCHING IN FALL 2019, the Sources Food Hub is a centre for promoting food waste recovery through facilitation and education.

With funding from the Walmart Foundation, our team of Hub-dedicated staff are developing activities centred on reducing waste and redirecting good food to benefit families and the community of Newton.

As the program develops, Hub staff are keeping an eye on opportunities to scale up or replicate the program to impact the entire City of Surrey.


We invite you to get involved in the way that fits you best – whether it’s volunteering, donating food, or becoming another kind of partner. Explore below to learn more about our specific projects.

  • Learning Centre

    The Sources Food Hub is a place to learn about food waste, and what you can do to reduce it, in your home, your business, and your community.

    Did you know that 11.2 million metric tonnes of edible food is wasted every year in Canada alone? Households, grocery stores, food service businesses, distributors and farmers each have a roll to play in this problem. For example, 47% of the food waste that is happening takes place at home. (Source)

    For businesses, community agencies, schools and the general public, Sources Food Hub is developing a variety of invited talks, workshops, and team building opportunities that are customized and interactive.

    This is a fun way to learn how you can reduce food waste and your carbon footprint.

    For more information, please contact our Community Engagement/Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Worden:

    Contact information:

    Phone number: 604-596-0973
    Email address:

  • Commissary Kitchen

    A commissary kitchen is a commercial kitchen available for rent.

    Sources Community Resource Centres - commissary kitchenSources Food Hub has a small commissary kitchen available for prep for your event or small business.

    Our goal is to support community organizations with their food programs.

    Sources Community Resource Centres - commissary kitchen workersHowever, our space is also available for rent to small scale food processing businesses, with priority given to those integrating recovered food into their products.

    Our space has:

    • 2 ovens
    • 2 grills
    • Flat top
    • Salamander
    • 2 tub sink
    • Dishwasher
    • Cold storage/freezer space

    For more information, please contact our Logistics and Kitchen Coordinator, Wylie Barker at 604-318-5794 or

    Contact information:

    Phone number: 604-596-0973
    Email address:

  • Community Harvest Program
    Community Harvesting, also known as “gleaning”, has gained interest over the years due to the need to reduce food waste.  Gleaning is the process of gathering foods from trees and farms, sometimes after the harvest has been completed.  Fruits such as cherries, plums, apples, pears and more grow in backyard gardens throughout the region. Each year, a significant amount of this surplus produce goes to waste. To reduce this waste, Sources Community Resource Society has launched the Community Harvest Program.  This newly established project aims not only to reduce food waste but also to increase food security among our community of Surrey and White Rock.

    This service organizes teams of volunteers to work with residents and farmers to harvest the food they have on their land.  Community agencies, volunteers, and homeowners all share in the harvest.

    This is a great volunteer position for youth, families, and anyone who likes to be outdoors, and is passionate about reducing food waste and increasing food security.

    To register your garden or other crops, please fill out this form:

    For more information about being a volunteer, please click below:

    Contact information:

    Phone number: 604-596-0973
    Email address:

  • Food Rescue & Redistribution

    Across Canada, about one-third of the food produced is wasted rather than eaten. Sometimes food is genuine waste, but 63% is “avoidable” waste that was, at some point in its life, good to eat. Worth $49.46 billion, this is food that could be redirected to support people in our communities.

    Fortunately, Sources Food Hub works collaboratively in the Surrey area to address this with programs that help redirect good food to charitable organizations.

    Sources Food Hub facilitates connections and links with agencies to redirect good food.

    For more information, please contact our Operations Coordinator, Ava Reeve:


Tel: 604-596-0973 (Call for an appointment)


Mailing Address:
Sources Community Resources Society
#208C – 1461 Johnston Road
White Rock, British Columbia
V4B 3Z4  Canada

Thank You

This program is generously funded by the Walmart Foundation.

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