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At Sources, we believe that volunteerism is fundamental to social wellness and that the spirit of helping is important to both community and personal development.

While many of us volunteer our time and skills to others in our day-to-day lives, we often fail to see the true impact of our support. We communicate with our volunteers to keep everyone informed about our activities and how their contributions truly make an impression on a personal level.

A supportive, positive group that helps me acquire clothes, food and friendships. Offering places to go to get information and assistance. How wonderful that these women give their time and energy to caring for those in trauma, the disabled and those with no hope. Thank you.Woman’s Place client

Sources’ Volunteer Centre is designed to support social wellness for individuals and communities through volunteerism. We assist individuals to find volunteer opportunities that match their personal needs and goals. In the process, we aim to promote the spirit of helping and raise awareness about the benefits of volunteerism in our community.

I enjoy the people I work with. It’s a younger crowd. Keeps me learning new things. I feel like I am doing something with my life even though I am retired. I am also making an impact on me. I am becoming more aware of the suffering people are experiencing. I am being more empathetic and grateful than ever in my life.Sources Volunteer

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If you have questions about our Volunteer Opportunities, please contact us at or 604-542-4357.


Current Volunteering Opportunities

Coldest Night of Year 2018Expand More Info

Sources is hosting our 5th annual Coldest Night of the Year in White Rock on February 24th, 2018.  This event is a fun, family-friendly 2, 5 and 10 km walk along White Rock’s renown promenade.

On this day, thousands of Canadians in over 100 communities will be walking together to raise awareness and money to help people who are hungry, homeless and hurting in our neighbourhoods.  Our goal this year is to fundraise $100,000 for our Homelessness Prevention Services and Rent Bank.

Volunteers are needed!


Volunteer Wheels DriverExpand More Info

Sources Volunteer Wheels is a program designed to provide transportation for residents in the communities of White Rock and South Surrey to access their essential healthcare appointments more easily. Volunteer drivers of this program pick clients up at their homes and drive them to their healthcare appointments all throughout the Lower Mainland. Volunteer drivers will remain in the area of the appointment until its conclusion, and bring the clients back to their home. This program is a driving and companionship service and drivers do not provide medical assistance.

Income Tax Intake Volunteer (Newton)Expand More Info

Income Tax Intake Volunteers greets clients attending their income tax appointments, ensures their paperwork is complete, and assists with the completion of their tax intake form before their taxes are completed by the volunteer preparer.  The Intake Volunteer may also assist clients in calling the Canada Revenue Agency to gather information, answer questions about government benefits and/or other Sources programs.


Income Tax Preparer (Newton)Expand More Info

Income Tax Preparers assist clients with the completion of simple income tax returns, using the criteria and guidelines set by the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program operated by Canada Revenue Agency.


Volunteer Services Information & Referral AssistantExpand More Info

Sources Volunteer Services Information & Referral (I&R) is a position based out of the Volunteer Services office where several community programs are operated.   As a volunteer at the Information and Referral desk, you will be a main person of contact for people using the services of our Maple Street location.  In addition, you will be participating in coordinating the following programs, both in person and over the phone:

Volunteer Wheels – Arranging transportation for seniors to access healthcare.
Shop by Phone – Assist seniors receive groceries deliveries directly to their home.
Income Tax Clinic – Assist clients complete the income tax intake to receive benefits. (more…)

Sources Langley Food Bank VolunteerExpand More Info

Sources Langley Food Bank serves approximately 600 individuals a week by providing nutritious food and support to community members in need. The Sources Food Banks strive to raise awareness about poverty and to involve the community in solutions. Our Food Banks are proud to offer a choice-based model for our clients—this contributes to the preservation of dignity and power of choice and lends to an overall more positive experience while accessing the Food Bank.

As a Food Bank General Volunteer, duties include greeting and recording clients as they arrive to the attendance station, distribution of supplies, sorting of items and stocking of shelves.


Social Group Assistant Volunteer (Life Skills)Expand More Info

Sources Life Skills Program provides independent living support for adults who have an intellectual disability. Group and one-on-one services include life skills assessment and training, peer networking, roommate/accommodation search, and information and referral. Sources Life Skills offers day programs with an emphasis on life skills development, recreation, work or volunteer experiences, community participation, and the arts. The Life Skills Program also hosts a community kitchen, evening social club, and self-advocates group.

Tuesday night Social Group is a gathering of the residents of the Life Skills Program each Tuesday evening from 4:30-8:00 pm. Staff and volunteers organize and coordinate the evening which consists of food and beverages, along with a variety of games and activities. Volunteers are directly involved in delivery of the evening’s activities as well as in set up and cleanup of the evening. Volunteers will work under the supervision of Life Skills staff members. Involvement in the Social Group may also involve assisting with special events, such as a performance of “Events Unlimited”.


Newton Resource Centre Intake VolunteerExpand More Info

Newton Resource Centre Intake Volunteers provide information, resources and referrals, along with direct one to-one help with income assistance, disability benefits, residential tenancy matters and Canada Pension Plan benefits for individuals with low or no income. Volunteers in this position may also provide assistance to residents in the community on matters of Housing and Tenancy,  Poverty Law, Disability Support Advocacy and Mental Health Consumer Advocacy.  The Volunteer Intake Worker is also responsible for the day-to-day reception duties at Newton Resource Centre and assists with administrative duties, acts as the initial contact for clients, completes intakes, and provides information and referrals.


Sources Connections Café & CateringExpand More Info

The Sources Connections Café & Catering is a small cafe situated at the entrance of the South Surrey Recreation Centre. The Café is an intergenerational social enterprise that fosters the purposeful and ongoing exchange of resources and learning among seniors and youth.  Sources Connections Cafe & Catering is also a social place for people to connect while offering a menu of healthy living options.

Volunteers will perform duties related to serving customers a variety of beverages and food items, as well as providing product and service information and maintaining the cleanliness of all service areas.


Hospital to HomeExpand More Info

The Hospital to Home a is program designed to support seniors being discharged from hospital by providing companionship and a ride home. This program operates in cooperation with the Peace Arch Hospital and the Seniors Come Share Society. The program was developed in order to fill a gap which existed in assisting seniors discharged from the hospital that had no way to get home, therefore keeping them in the hospital longer than they needed to be .

The volunteers of this program work in pairs and assist seniors in their transition home from hospital. This is transportation and companionship service, no medical care or training is needed or provided to clients. Since the program’s inception in January 2016, 160 seniors between the ages of 53 and 98 have been helped to return home. Volunteers have been key in keeping patients safe, comfortable and alleviating fears of being alone. (more…)

Sources Shop by Phone ProgramExpand More Info

The Shop by Phone Program is a grocery service that Sources has been operating for just over 25 years in the communities of White Rock and South Surrey.  The Shop by Phone program assists isolated residents in the community access nutritious foods that they may otherwise be unable to access.  Once every week we have volunteers who phone our clients and take their grocery orders. The following morning, our volunteers shop for those orders at the supporting grocery store. (more…)