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Corina Carroll

Executive Director of Community Services

Corina Carroll is the Executive Director of Community Services at Sources Community Resources Society. She has been working in the social sector for 30 years with a primary focus on supporting programs that respond to immediate needs. She holds a degree in Child and Youth Care and a Citation in Co-Occurring Disorders from Douglas College, BC.

She was inspired to enter the field of youth care after volunteering with an organization that supported young people living on the street. She has expertise in understanding adolescent behavior and risks (emphasis on street entrenched youth), addictions, mental health (including attachment disorder, FASD, etc.). She has also managed residential programs for youth in out-of-home care and who were facing multiple challenges due to childhood adversity and trauma.

In her personal life, Corina is a news hound, enjoys vacations in the Okanagan and Oregon and spending time with those she cares about.

Corina also serves on the board of Langley Animal Protection Society and is committed to animal welfare. She has a labrador named Happy, who lives up to his name.