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Minakshi Bagai

Director of Employment Services


Minakshi is the Director of Employment Services at SOURCES. Minakshi was born and raised in India and moved to Canada in 1995. She studied Accounting in India and after coming to Canada took Basic Counseling and Career Development courses to become a Certified Career Development Practitioner. Since Minakshi’s arrival in Canada she has worked in the non-profit sector. In 2012, Minakshi was hired by SOURCES as Empowerment Services Manager and later that year she became the Manager of South Surrey/White Rock Employment Services Centre. She wanted to be part of an organization which matched her personal values, where she could use her skills and had the chance to grow. She found SOURCES and says that “SOURCES gave [her] all that and more.”

When Minakshi isn’t working she enjoys stitching and baking. Minakshi says it gives her immense pleasure to create something she uses and wears. In terms of baking, Minakshi often brings her delicious treats in to the office to share with staff—what a treat!