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Ending violence is up to all of us. We are calling all men in to help with this challenge.

We support men to heal and mobilize to prevent and disrupt violence, increase equity, and reduce retaliation. For prevention efforts to be gender-transformative and address the root causes of sexual violence, they must challenge existing gender norms and patriarchal structures. Men and boys are important allies that can promote positive and healthy forms of masculinity.

Prevention ensures that children grow up in safe and healthy environments by providing meaningful support to children, their parents/guardians, and those who have experienced or witnessed abuse as children.

Group Counselling Services

Group counselling for men is offered three times per year through a program called MenTOR. The MenTOR model uses co-facilitators (one woman and one man) to offer group counselling. The group is 15 – 20 weeks long and focuses on relationship skills, managing anger, understanding gender-based privilege, communication, partnership, and parenting skills. The group is open to a maximum of twelve men. This group is modelled after an evidence-based program in New Westminster; the program has been well-researched and is currently supported through a fee-based model and the Violence Prevention and Intervention stream of the Civil Forfeiture grant.

Participants meet once in a week for 2 hours online in trauma informed group settings. The group is offered by a two Registered Clinical Counsellors, a female, and a male facilitator.

This program helps participants develop the following skills:
– Anger management
– Identify and express a range of emotions
– Learn about factors that contribute to marital crisis or domestic violence
– Learn stress management skills
– Learn about personal emotional triggers
– Develop skills to build healthy relationships with your children and spouse
– Encourage reflection on your emotional process.
– Address unhealthy coping mechanisms
– Reflect on family of origin and cultural values
– Construct power and the need for safety

Referrals are received from the hospitals, doctor offices, Community Corrections (not men currently before the courts) and any other health care system or treatment centers. Referrals are open now.

For more information or to register for MenTOR:
Please email or call:

Palwinder Gill
Trauma Counselling – Men’s Anti Violence – MENding
15318 20th Avenue
Surrey, BC V4A 2A3
P: 604-542-7644

Meet our Counsellors

Naina Menon

Naina Menon has a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with BCACC. She strives to create a safe space with those she interacts with. She believes the foundation for a healthy therapeutic relationship is trust, safety, and mutual respect. She believes that we are our biggest resource. She works toward providing new tools to help people adapt, recognize, and polish the tools that grow within.

She uses an Adlerian perspective, integrated with a Trauma-Informed lens. She uses a broad intersection of modalities to provide people with the support they need, such as client-centred therapy, cognitive behavioural techniques, dialectical behavioural approaches, and Mindfulness.
Life can be hard and overwhelming, her goal for counselling is to help you recognize and nurture the resilience you hold and help people develop healthy strategies to cope with their day-to-day burdens.

Palwinder Gill

Palwinder Gill is a Registered Clinical Counsellor working with probation clients as a trauma specialist. She also provides group therapy for Archway Community Services, focusing on populations involved in domestic violence/anti-violence work. In addition to that, she supervises intern-counsellors at BCSMSSA (BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse).

Previously, her work included working as a family therapist for families involved with the MCFD. She has also worked with critical community health organizations such as the Crisis Line, numerous Addiction Centers, the Purpose Society, and Moving Forward Families. She is passionate about mental health and demonstrates sincere dedication to working with communities to improve mental health.

She specializes in CBT, Person- Centered therapy, trauma counselling, family, and couples therapy along with other counselling services. She has worked with clients exhibiting a range of issues, from family problems and childhood trauma to addictions, couple conflicts, and other complex psychological issues.