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Emergence: Out of the Shadows Screening

Press Release December 8th, 2022

Sources Community Resource Society and White Rock Pride are presenting a screening of Emergence: Out of the Shadows, January 7th, Saturday at 7 PM at White Rock Players Club followed by a Q & A. This gripping, compassionate documentary portrays three young adults’ desperate journeys to express their sexuality within South Asian conservative families. Both youth and parent perspectives are illuminated as they struggle with denial, shame, and socio-community-cultural taboos to emerge to understand, to love and support each other. A Question-and-Answer period will follow with Alex Sangha the Producer, Vinay Giridhar the Director, cast members as well as representatives from Sources and White Rock Pride Society. The film sheds light on the lived experience of parents, gay, and lesbian members of the South Asian community in Metro Vancouver. This documentary is a brilliant opportunity to build community, understanding and support. Parents, LGBTQ individuals and the community are invited to learn from nuances specific to South Asian LGBTQ experiences and to also identify with the universal experience of shared emergence to understanding, love and inclusion.

When: January 7, 2023, Doors open at 7 PM

Where: White Rock Players Box

Tickets are available for $5 at the White Rock Players box office online and by phone 604 536 7535.

Thanks to the film’s co-sponsors Victory Memorial and Team McKnight from Macdonald Realty Ltd for their generous support of this event.